Things that I am thankful for in 2012

Thank you for
loving & healthy parents,
a loving spouse,
a bun in the oven,
delicious & healthy home-cooked food,
a simple home,
a peaceful bedroom,
a view of tree, leaves & branches from our bedroom & living room,
daily morning prayer,
daily night prayer with my spouse,
inspiring mentors,
caring friends & colleagues,
kind people who let me sit on the public train,
started SoHappyPhoto where I can share the beauty & the love of my universe to people worldwide,
showering with cold water (when I was feeling very hot) and warm water (when I was feeling very cold),
gifts that I gave & received,
the beauty of nature,
and the list goes on …

Thank you Clifton for introducing Animoto to me, which I used to create the video.
Music: Flying by Mike Strickland.

The photos: